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White's BootsHand crafted in the USA, White's Boots are the perfect addition to Sensible Shoe's extensive line of high quality work boots. Every boot is hand crafted in Spokane Washington and each boot carries a unique tag that associates it with the individual who built it. If you are sick of boots that are made in large factories by machines then White's Boots is the brand for you, their process is truly unique.


History of Whites Boots
The White's Boots brand can be traced all the way back before the Civil War in a logging town in West Virginia. It was in West Virginia that Otto White's father and grandfather made calked boots for the logging industry.

In 1902 Otto White and his father carried the tradition West and moved to moved to St. Maries, Idaho. Thirteen years alter in 1915 they moved to Spokane, Washington where, under Otto's guidance, Whites Boots would flourish.

The thought process and goals of Otto White were simple and straight forward, make the best and finest work boots in the world. White's Boots reputation grew with every pair as he infected the workers with his constant insistence on quality. Hard bitten loggers in the North West became White's Boots biggest fans, they were tough on boots but had never seen the tough as nails boots Otto and his crew put together.

Otto White remained active in his business until he died at the age of 91, in 1972. The quality of White's Boots continues today because of Otto's highest quality of standards and his ability to train others by instilling the same pride of craftsmanship.

White's Boots are made with the very finest materials in the world with skills passed down through generations of craftsmen. When you own a pair or White's Boots you will soon realize they are no ordinary boot.

The following is taken directly from White's Boots website.[message_box bg="#eee" text_color="dark"]

During it's over 100-year history, White's has maintained an unwavering focus on quality in the boots that it builds and the service that it provides. Today we still build our boots one at a time by hand for one simple reason, to ensure that our customers enjoy the finest boots made anywhere in the world. We know that's a strong claim but it's one that we gladly back every day by continuing to use only the finest materials, designs, and craftsmanship.


Source - White's Boots



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